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Hi my name is BogumiƂ Tokarczyk I live in Poland, 20km from Krakow.
My interest in Border Collies began in 2008, when I worked in the U.K.
 I was introduced to a border collie and I was totally enchanted and knew that this breed would become a very special part of my life.
I then began the search to find an appropriate dog - which proved very difficult.  I was very fortunate to  meet Judith Gregory (TONKORY BREEDERS) she taught me what to look for in a collie and how to breed and show them.
At a dog show I attended , I met David Conolly and his dog (Sh Ch Tonkory Move over to huntly dog). The dog was perfect, and I decided that I would reserve a puppy from his planned  litter.
My Puppy (Tonkory Xtra Special - AS) was born on the 5th October 2009.  "A friend, whose heart beats for me".
I later met Heather Turner and Julia Alexander (LOCHEIL BREEDERS) whom I purchased three bitches (LOCHEIL DRESS TO IMPRESS - FOXI, LOCHEIL LOOKING GREAT - LADY, LOCHEIL I'M THE DIVE - KISS) and another dog (LOCHEIL JOCK'S PRIDE - KOMMODUS).
Having found myself some beautiful dogs, it was time to return to Poland, to fulfill my dreams and live the way I wanted.

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